Numerous events are organized in Herceg Novi which is beginning to be recognized. We mark off the ones which crossed the borders in their importance long ago and which could determine your stay in Herceg Novi.

February – „ Mimosa Festival“ is a celebration honoring flowers, most of all the mimosa flower, which abundantly blossoms during winter in our community while the rest of Europe is covered in snow. It is a celebration which was founded and continues to live on principles of the traditions of carnivals. It was founded in 1969 by the Tourist Association of the Bay of Kotor and the Municipality of Herceg Novi. From 1991, the Mimosa Festival is the member of the Foundation of European Carnival Cities (FECC). It starts the first week of February and last a month.

April – „HAPS“ –Herceg April Theater Festival is held in the second half of April and last for 15 days. During the two week daily are shown the most intriguing performances from professional and amateur premiere productions that are experienced previous year.

April – „International competitions solo singers "Bruna Špiler"“ – ECA Results competition was founded in 2008, in memory of our fellow-citizen Špiler Bruni, born chills, who was a professor of solo singing. It takes place during the "Festivity of mimosas", in February.

June – „International Children´s Carnival“. Meeting of children´s carnival groups from Montenegro and the region. It is held on the first weekend in June and is an exeptional event in which young people become keys „owners“ of the city.

July – „Days of Music“ international Classical Music Festival. Today it gathers respected authors and performers of classical music from all around the world.

July – „Sunny Stairs“ are Music Festival, which during the three festival evening: „Prince award“, „Evening of new star“ and „Song of Summer“ brings together local and foreign singers.

July – „Square of Books“-International Book Fair to be held in the Old Town on Herceg Stjepan Square, in July and lasts about 15 days. Every evening program follows the fair presentation of certain books and authors.

August – „Herceg Novi FILM FESTIVAL-Montenegro Film Festival- is held since 1987. Initially known as the „Yugoslav festival of film direction“ and „Yugoslav Film Festival“ and since 2002. it is known under the name of „Herceg Novi Film Festival“. Founder is, famous film worker Milan Žmukić who was born in Herceg Novi. The festival takes place in the first week of August, on the open theatre stage „Kanli Tower“.

August – „Guitar Art Summer Fest“ is a professional and expert event during which gets all the ages of classical guitar music students schools, their teachers, university professors and eminent guests – some of the worlds finest guitarists. With a range of outstanding concerts this festival is excellent example of working holiday guitarists.

August – „Days of creativity- HANDS“ is an event that came up with a local artists and crafts enthusiasts, who realized the need for such creative bringing together artists and audiences, consumers, as well as potential creators.

August –„Operosa Montenegro Opera Festival“ The Operosa Montenegro Opera Festival takes place in the stunning open air Kanli Kula Fortress Amphitheater, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, in Herceg Novi in Montenegro. Every year in August, the Festival combines unique performances of international opera talent with the rich local cultural heritage, attracting an ever growing audience and media from across the world. The Festival 2016 will be celebrating its 10th edition.